Managing Crew Changes During The Lockdown

Inability to disembark the ships and return home is taking its toll on the seafarers.
While the government and legal entities enforce the lock-down trying to control the impact COVID-19 has on the general population, we can’t help but notice that not enough is being done. This is especially true for the seafarers, with some of them being on board for months on end.
The continuously shifting circumstances are making it nearly impossible to do crew changes, and in order to raise awareness on the matter, organisations and managers are joining forces in the HORNS FOR HOPE initiative. Every day at 12 pm, seafarers are blowing their vessel horns in order for their voice to be heard.

While we can’t guarantee changes, we want to help.
Despite the overwhelming number of requests, we’re working closely with crew managers to make every crew change possible. That is why our 24/7 top priority is to keep searching for solutions juggling restriction and cancellations from both ports and airports.
To all our colleagues and friends across the shipping industry, and especially to our seafarers around the globe, stay safe and don’t lose hope.

Medmar team  

*For emergency assistance, contact your dedicated team or call our 24/7 support line at + (385) 99 333 4222.