Marine Travel

A Perfect Blend Of People and Technology

We use the latest booking tools and technologies to ensure the best possible fares. But, we know that Marine Travel Management goes way beyond. When you have thousands of clients scattered all around the globe, you want to have a supporting partner that is just a phone call away.

Our highly experienced marine travel consultants work around the clock, 365 days a year and are never outsourced. Our operational centres in Europe, the Far East and our business partners in Greece and Singapore ensure someone is always there to pick up the phone.

Our Expertise & Expert Approach in Marine Travel

We have focused on purchasing tickets locally, thus securing the best local fares, which tend to be much more competitively priced. Taking advantage of exchange rate fluctuations, we've created benefits that are then passed to our clients. Strategic alliances with key international airline carriers allow us to secure fully refundable and modifiable tickets with exceptionally small profit margins.

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Europe Office

+385 99 333 4222

Philippines Office

+63 917 838 8989


Call back time in under 15 minutes and e-mail response time of 30 minutes. All-day (and night) long.


Transparency is essential; in-depth reports provide you with business intelligence needed to make actionable decisions.


Our travel agents work with you to design tailor-made service based on your requirements.‚Äč


More than 25 years of experience in the shipping industry means you have found a reliable partner that understands your needs.

It's all about the partnership

Our staff are our partners. Consequently, we have had hardly any staff turnover over the last 20 years. That means that accumulated and growing expertise is always benefiting our clients’ needs.

Our suppliers are our partners. Without the steady, favourable and ongoing partnership with major airlines, we would not have been in a position to create our services and to keep them competitive.

Our Clients are our partners. The majority of our clients positively views us as preferred suppliers for their marine travel needs. We carefully chose our clients, ensuring that we only serve those to whom we can provide benefits.


Here to Help With Your Travel Arrangements

Stop worrying about your travel management. Focus on your business and let us provide the support you need.