Client Travel Care

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Account Management

Our teams work with you to design custom travel services that will help you achieve your goals. Experienced travel agents know to compare different reservation options based on your company's travel policy. More than that, they have a stable Care Program to ensure that travellers are safe. You are not just a transaction number.

Medmar's rather unique policy is to advise our clients on where and how to achieve the best possible fares if we couldn't provide the cheapest fare. This transparency has benefited both our clients and us, leading to long-term cooperation with most of our clients.

High-Quality Service

Our service includes 24/7 support for travellers worldwide. Customer care is never outsourced. We have created a multinational, multi-lingual and multicultural team with many years of experience in marine travel, marine industries, leisure travel and customer relationship management. We select people with the right background and expertise in latest technologies deployed in marine and travel industries, and we train our staff to become expert travel consultants.

Our operational centres in Europe, the Far East, and our business partners in Singapore and Greece ensure the best possible Client Travel Care.


Unused Ticket Management and Powerful Reporting

What happens with unused, non-refundable tickets? Usually, the ticket value is lost. Our agents keep track of such tickets and make sure to apply those ticket at the first valid opportunity.

Administrative paperwork, complex data and budget overruns are standing in the way of efficiency. Our in-depth reporting solutions, together with our experienced travel consultants, provide your company with valuable business intelligence, needed to make actionable decisions.


Here to Help Your With Your Travel Arrangements

Stop worrying about your travel management. Focus on your business and let us provide the support you need.